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Chromag - Trail Master DT Saddle

Chromag - Trail Master DT Saddle

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Chromag - Trail Master DT Saddle

Item Id: chrg - Trl-sdl-dx

The DT (Durable Top) version has a synthetic top for riders who see a lot of wet weather or for DH and Freeride applications where extra durability is needed.

A medium size platform with a rounded, uninterrupted perimeter is easy to move freely around. It features medium-firm density foam with a padded nose for technical climbing and all around friendly contact. A flat sitting area with a central relief promotes sitting on your bones. An excellent model for punchy tech sessions or all day epics.

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  • Seamless synthetic top
  • Chromo rails
  • 300g
  • 284mm x 140mm


  • Black
  • Rawhide
  • Red
  • Grey/Red
  • Grey/Blue